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Coordinator Spotlight: Get to know Bubbles!

Camp Pic!



Camp Name: Bubbles

Hometown: Grafton, WI

Year in School: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Early Childhood Education




What is the meaning behind your camp name? It took me a long time to choose the perfect camp name but I finally settled on Bubbles to fit my bubbly personality!

Explain your position in Camp Kesem. What role do you have? I am an Admin and Camp Programming Coordinator this year. This means that my co-coordinators and I have worked to find the camp facility, line up the buses for camp, and are now working on planning the entire camp schedule!

What are you most looking forward to about next summer’s Camp Kesem? This year at camp I am looking forward to my new role and making sure that the whole week runs smoothly. I am looking forward to seeing all of our amazing returning campers as well as meeting the new ones!

Why do you CK? Camp Kesem has been the most amazing experience I have had in my time as a college student. I am so happy that I have been lucky enough to be a part of such an awesome organization. Seeing the excitement in all of the campers each and every day at camp makes the entire year of planning worth it.


Favorite camp activity: Arts and Crafts, especially the wands on Hogwarts Day this past year.

 Favorite camp song: There Once Was a Wizard and the Llama Song.

Favorite memory from Camp Kesem: I always love Color Wars Day when all ages of campers get to come together for activities!