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Coordinator Blog-Cabin Chat with Sunshine

Every day at camp ends with cabin chats.  Cabin chats are a time to build relationships within the children’s cabins with both the campers and counselors.  Cabin chats are also the most frequent times when the campers chose to share about their experiences with their parent’s cancer.   For my blog I wanted to demonstrate what a cabin chat can look like, using a cabin chat from CKUW 2012.  To start off everyone fills out the day’s cabin chat booklet, so that they have individual time to reflect on their feelings.  I chose to answer questions from last summer’s Frontier Day cabin chat for my blog today.

 (Every night we start our cabin chats with pow, wow, chow.  Pow is your least favorite part of the day, Wow is your favorite thing that happened that day and chow is your favorite thing you ate that day.)

Peanut and Sunshine on Frontier Day CKUW 2012



Frontier Day

Pow: That there are still 129 days till camp

Wow: Writing this blog

Chow: Caramel Delight Girl Scout Cookies





(Now come the questions that change every day, that also relate to the theme day)

1. Who is your hero?

I have two: First my heroes are my parents, they raised me to believe that I could do anything with my life, now as I am preparing to become a professional teacher and for my graduation I can see that all of their hard work raising me has paid off and for that I am eternally grateful.

Second are my Camp Kesem family members.  The campers amaze me every time I get to interact with them. They are the most strong and loving group of people I know; whenever I am having a hard day I think of their strength to help build my own.  In addition to the campers I look to my Camp Kesem peers who work alongside me to make our camp possible.  They became my friends first and now are my family, I know I can always count on them.

2. Describe one of the greatest challenges you have ever faced?

The greatest challenge that I have ever faced is being the Co-Chair of this organization.  It can be very scary to put your heart and soul into something and not be sure if it will turn out the way you planned.  I know a lot of times people think of challenges as a bad thing but I welcome this challenge and always look forward to how I can make this organization grow.  Not only is this the greatest challenge that I have taken on in my life but it is the thing I am most proud to be a part of.

3. What is your favorite kind of music, band, singer or song?

I really like to listen to musicals, but I also enjoy listening to Ingrid Michaelson and Adele.

4. What was your favorite theme day at Camp Kesem and why?

My favorite theme day at Camp Kesem is always Color Wars day!  It is the only day where all of camp is together for the entire day; it also is a day where everyone gets into the theme.

So if this where a real cabin chat we would all share our answers, stories, laughs, and friendship.  In my cabin we always sing a song to “blow out” the lights and then go to sleep.

For me, cabin chats are the best part of the day.  It is a time where I get to know the girls in my group the best; they end up being with the kids I bond with most.  Cabin Chats create friendships and family.  Whenever I need a reminder to why I Kesem, I think back to all of our campers and specifically think of the stories that were shared during cabin chats to keep me going!

Kesem Love,


Pebbles, Sunshine, Dancer, and Pixie before cabin chats, CKUW 2012
Pebbles, Sunshine, Dancer, and Pixie before cabin chats, CKUW 2012