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Committee Member Spotlight: Get to know Phoenix

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Gaga: before becoming a part of the Camp Kesem UW family, the only thoughts that came to mind when hearing those syllables were babbling babies or the kooky pop singer. But now “gaga” conjures a much different picture in my mind, one of intense concentration, speed and agility. Gaga Ball is a game unlike any other, which involves an octagonal “pen” with knee-high walls in which a group of 5-30 (or however many kids and counselors you can cram inside the pen) battle it out to win the coveted title of Gaga Champ. The rules are simple: you use your hands to hit a four-square-type ball at your opponents, aiming for the waist or below, to eliminate players one by one until you are the last (wo)man standing. You must also take care to keep the ball within the walls of the pen and to not hit it twice in a row, otherwise you will find yourself on the sidelines. There is usually quite a bit of shouting, squealing, and cheering in and around the Gaga pit, and there is no feeling quite like the one you get upon delivering that final swat to eliminate your opponent and prove yourself Gaga Master. I was lucky enough to experience this feeling once last summer, and I can hardly wait until Camp Kesem 2014 in which I can once again compete for the coveted honor of Gaga Champ.