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Committee Member Spotlight: Get to know Birdman

1471160_10200763303357371_1080404241_n I kind of just fell into Camp Kesem UW-Madison. I was not actively looking to get involved in any organizations, especially those not related to my major. By the magic of Kesem though, I was recruited by a friend, Tree, who had been a counselor at camp before. Tree said that Camp Kesem UW needed more male counselors, so I filled out an application to be a counselor. I did not expect a return on the application, and I did not know much about Camp Kesem. I had a very busy semester of classes when all the trainings were occurring, so I was not able to attend many of the trainings. The volunteer coordinators helped me make up the trainings and, lo-and-behold, it was time for camp! Camp is a WHOLLLLEEEE other story, but I will just say I had the most life-changing and enjoyable experience I have had thus far in my life. I owe a whole lot to my persistent friend Tree, but her camp name is the only nickname I have ever had, so I was forced to be creative and come up with “Birdman.”

Despite never having been to summer camp before, I caught on quickly, since everyone was very helpful and showed me the true meaning of Camp Kesem. The seemingly simple week of camp helped me so much with my personal development and introduced me to the strongest, most courageous kids I have ever met. Sometimes, I feel guilty because I received so much from Camp Kesem and I feel like I can never reciprocate it all. Camp Kesem is an amazing organization and support network for counselors and campers, and I cannot wait for what the future has in store for my involvement with Camp Kesem. To anyone reading this who is not sure if they can be a Camp Kesem counselor, trust me, you can. If you are someone who does not know much about Camp Kesem, it is magical!