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Camp Kesem Columbia 2015 Final Dates!

Hey Camp Kesem Columbia family, Sorry for all the conflicting information about the dates of camp. We were unaware that Labor Day 2015 is one week later (September 8th) than usual. As a result, Camp Kesem 2015 will also be one week later! We have contacted many public schools in the New York and Tri-State […]

Introducing Captain Cabbage and Reptar!

Captain Cabbage Columbia College 2014 Major: Economics and Psychology Position: Adventure and Team Building Program Coordinator Is there anything out there that could be better than camp? In my 21 years of life, I still have not been able to find an event, an activity, an object – ANYTHING that can dethrone the massive amount […]

Introducing Pup! (With a series of haiCKus!)

Pup Columbia College 2014 Major: Mathematics Position: Cabin Counselor Hello! I’m Bernard. But at camp, my name is Pup. How’s it going guys! I go to the school Columbia, majoring In mathematics I just finished my Junior year. One year to go! The real world too soon… I applied to be A 2012 counselor Because […]

Introducing Rabbit and Dory!

Rabbit Columbia College 2015 Major: Neuroscience and Behavior Position: Admin Team  Unlike many of the staff and counselors at Camp Kesem, I cannot admit to having dealt with cancer at a young age. In fact, I cannot remember a time in my youth when I was called upon to see a family member through the […]

Introducing Otter and Squirt!

Otter Columbia Engineering 2016 Major: Chemical Engineering Position: Cabin Counselor My name is James Zhang but you can call me Otter! Why Otter? Because otters are so playful and active, this describes me well! Otters are always enjoying themselves and the company of others. With this enthusiasm I want to help make Camp Kesem an amazing and fun […]

Introducing THOR. and Scrappy!

THOR. Columbia Engineering 2015 Major: Mechanical Engineering Position: Unit Leader I remember lying on a hospital bed for an entire month during my second year of High School. A new specialist came in each week, only to inform me they don’t have any ideas as to what is wrong with me, but only that something […]

Introducing Zooch and Scooby!

Zooch Barnard Class of 2015 Major: Film Studies and American Studies Position: Unit Leader   This summer, I have an internship in New York City. I will be living in a new neighborhood and I will be doing a (very) new thing. I have been going to camp since I was four, when my mother, […]

Countdown to CKCU 2013: 61 DAYS.

Hello CKCU Family! We are so excited for camp and we hope you are, too! Over the course of the next few weeks as we draw nearer to August 25 when camp will officially begin, we will be introducing you to the entire Camp Kesem Columbia 2013 staff including the admin team, the unit leaders, […]

Love from Student Support

It has been a really exciting and successful year for Student Support! Perhaps most incredible was the amount of counselor applications we received- over 50! My co-chair Rabbit and I, as well as our Co-chairs Nemo and Simba were able to interview all the applicants over the span of two weeks, and get to know […]


It’s been a really busy year for the Executive Board of Camp Kesem Columbia, so we welcomed Spring Break with open arms! As we all departed to different destinations, we still could not get Camp Kesem off our minds. When hanging with all my girlfriends, we made a rule to not go on our phones. […]