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Upcoming Events and Dates

Smash Cancer Spring 2017

Date: 2/11/2017

Location: Claremont Mckenna College - Claremont Lounge

Join our second semiannual smash tournament to help support children who's parents are affected by cancer! Players can compete in Melee and/or Wii U Smash. We will also have Sandbag Plushes, Smash Cancer T-Shirts, and boba!

Spring Reunion

Date: TBD

Location: The Claremont Colleges

Join us for our second ever Camp Kesem Reunion! Meet old and new counselors and coordinators!


Smash Cancer Fall 2016

Date: November 4th 7PM-9PM

Location: Marks Lounge at Claremont McKenna College

Description/Link: Hate cancer, love kids, and even more- love playing Super Smash Bros with your friends? Then you should DEFINITELY come to our “Smash Cancer” tournament where you’ll get to battle it out with others and show off your gaming prowess ;). Competitors will battle it out in Smash 4 in Free-For-Alls round robins and 1v1 best of three elimination rounds. PRIZES (+ honor) go to the very best! Signup at https://donate.kesem.org/smashcancer or see our Facebook event.

Counselor Information Session

Date: Thursday October 27th 8:30 to 9:30pm

Location: Edwards Humanities Building Room 121 at Scripps College

Fall Reunion

Date: December 3rd


Description/Link: Hang out with your favorite counselors from our past summer camp! Enjoy food, beverages, and great company! 


Contact Us: claremont@campkesem.org