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CKOSU // Week 2 Day 5

Our last full day has come to an end, and we’re pretty sad about it. Units One and Two spent their mornings on the Big Swing and bottle rockets. Units 3 and 4 had science, arts and crafts, and sport rotations. Our teens spent the morning relaxing after their long night camping out.

When campers got ready this morning, they were given a team, red or blue! So, after lunch, swim, and feet on bed, our campers were all ready for Color Wars! The red team and the blue team battled it out through tons of fun games!

We then welcomed our visitors for visitor’s day with dinner, followed by our talent show! Every year, we’re astounded by the variety of talents our campers bring to the stage! This year, we saw campers dance and sing and invisible jugglers! This year’s was definitely a talent show to remember.

Following our talent show, we brought our visitors to the campfire for one final Camp 2017 campfire. After our typical campfire shenanigans, we wished our visitors the safest of travels home.

We cannot believe camp will be over tomorrow, how did the week go by so fast? We’re so excited to be reunited with our families, but we still wish we could have just one more night.