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CKOSU // Week 2 Day 3

We started the day early with a bright and early with a yummy breakfast of eggs and sausage. After breakfast, we started our morning rotations! Units One and Two spent their morning at the Rock Wall, Units Three and Four were at Twin Zip, and our teens enjoyed the Big Swing!

Following rotations, we had lunch before more of our favorite at camp activity, SWIMMING!

We rested with some feet on bed time after swimming, and after our break, we got to enjoy an activity led by our Counselors in Training! The CIT-led activity was called Waspital, a version of tag where you can be “stung” by people who are it and if you are stung, your hands act as bandaids! You have to keep your hand where you were stung and if you were stung more than twice, you went to jail where you had to participate in a challenge to get back out! It was hilarious watching people run around trying to keep their “band-aids” in place! Well done, CITs!

While we all enjoyed eating our dinner, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t looking more forward to our after-dinner activity- Messy Games!! Messy games is exactly what it sounds like, the biggest mess you will ever experience. Campers and counselors were covered in syrup, kool aid and so much more, but they couldn’t have had a better time. Clean up was where things got tricky- getting oatmeal out of hair is a lot more difficult than you’d think!

Once campers and counselors were (for the most part) all cleaned up, we headed to Elk Lake for our second campfire of the week! We enjoyed all the smores and laughs with our CK family around the fire and by the lake before getting ready for bed. How can the week be half over all ready?!