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CKOSU // Week 2 Day 2

We had an AMAZING first full day of camp! The day started out with morning rotations after breakfast.

Our Unit One and Two campers’ rotations for the day included Elephant Toothpaste, Shrinky Dinks, and Soccer Basketball (which they all got to play together)!

Units Three and Four spent their mornings on the Low Ropes Course and our Teens and CITs spent the mornings doing the high ropes course!

Due to some technical difficulties (thanks to a TREX loose at the campsite) campers and counselors headed to their cabins for some much needed feet on bed time after lunch time, where we all get to relax for an hour before jumping back in to the fun of camp. Once we were all rested up, all of our campers headed to play Amoeba Tag, a fun new version of tag where campers who are tagged link together and become part of the amoeba and try to tag other campers!

After Amoeba tag, we got the news that the pool was able to be swam in! We only did swim tests, but we are so excited to get to play in the pool tomorrow!

After dinner and free selects, our campers beautified our counselors and got them all ready for the FASHION SHOW! Each cabin got to pick a counselor to give a makeover, which included makeup, hairstyling, and crafting outfits out of whatever they could find!

After the fashion show, campers headed back to their cabins and got ready for bed, what an amazing first full day of camp!