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CKOSU 2013-Camp Day 4!

As the last full day of camp, Thursday was bound to be one of the best days yet!


The morning began with breakfast and then the start of the morning rotations.  The campers got to go to drama, arts and crafts, and sports.  At drama, the campers played some acting games and then were able to work on their dances, which many planned on performing at the night’s Talent Show.  During arts and crafts, the campers got a chance to contribute to group art pieces, such as Karl Kesem the caterpillar made out of hand prints, and thank you cards for the Camp Willson staff. The sporting event of the day was a competitive game of kickball!

The campers then cleaned up for lunch and had some rest time before the afternoon activities began.  After lunch, the campers had swim time, where they boated, swam, and played on the water trampoline.  The next part of the day was another surprise for the campers!  The Columbus Zoo came to give a presentation to the campers, complete with a flamingo, penguin, kangaroo, armadillo, and otter!  The campers were super surprised and loved seeing all of the animals!  The next part of the day was time to get a little messy.  The campers completed a sequence of activities in order to get the materials to make their camp counselors into ice cream sundaes.  By the end, counselors and campers were both covered in chocolate sauce, sprinkles, cherries, and whipped cream.  The messy fun would not be complete without a spaghetti slip ‘n slide for the campers!  The campers loved getting a little messy, but more than anything enjoyed messing up their counselors.  The campers then got cleaned up for dinner and ready for the evening activities to follow.

After dinner, it was time for the 2nd Annual Talent Show!  Campers got up on stage and showed off their talents.  We had the cup song, impressions of counselors, skits, gymnastics, baton twirling, and lots more!  Each age group also performed the dance they were taught during drama!  After the talent show, it was time for the last campfire of the week.  The campers enjoyed participating in skits, songs, and eating s’mores.

The campers were then told it was time for bed and returned to their cabins to shower and clean up before going to sleep.  The campers were super surprised when the teen campers busted in their cabins and told them there was a surprise dance party in the clubhouse!  The dance party was complete with music, strobe lights, glow sticks, and popsicles to cool off.

After the dance party, it really was time for bed and the campers returned to their cabins and went to sleep both excited and sad to return home the next day.