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CKOSU 2013-Camp Day 3!



Our third day of camp was full of laughs, smiles, fun, and the most magic yet!  After breakfast, the campers went on to their morning rotations, which included arts and crafts, drama, and rock climbing.  During arts and crafts, the campers had a chance to make and decorate bird feeders out of plastic bottles.  There was no shortage of paint, glitter, and feathers to make their bird feeders stand out!  In drama, the lovely counselors taught a dancing unit where the cabins got to learn dances to perform at Thursday’s talent show!  The last part of rotation, rock climbing, was a big hit with most of the campers.  They were excited to have their turn at climbing up the wall, and many campers made it to the top to ring the bell!

Next, there was lunch and some cabin time to rest before the evening’s activities.  Soon enough, the lake was calling and it was time for swimming!  This is always a favorite part of the day.  The campers swam, jumped, boated, and went out on the water trampoline to use the Blob and swing.  Unfortunately, swimming had to come to an end, and we were on to our next activity!  The rest of the afternoon was used to tie-dye our Camp Kesem t-shirts and then just have some free play time before dinner.

After dinner, it was time for the Empowerment Ceremony.  At Camp Kesem, we only ever address cancer once and that is at the ceremony.  The ceremony began with two out-facing circles, an outer and inner circle, and campers were asked to go around and tap others on the shoulder who have fulfilled a certain trait.  For instance, ‘someone who has made you laugh,’ or ‘someone who is now a friend.’  The ceremony then continued with a chance for campers to express their emotions without necessarily speaking alone.  All of the campers made one huge circle, and then were asked to step forward if what was said applied to them.  The statements spanned from ‘I went on the blob this week’ to ‘I lost a parent to cancer.’  The ceremony then concluded with the connecting of us all as one Camp Kesem family.  A ball of yarn was passed from person to person and wrapped around their arms or legs as bracelets and anklets.  When the yarn was passed to you, you were asked to explain why/how Camp Kesem would always be a part of you.  The campers were not forced to speak and many simply passed the yarn along to the next person.  The ceremony seemed to open up a lot of the quieter people at camp who spoke up about their lives and how much they have enjoyed getting to know so many kids like them.  There were some tears, but also many smiles and laughs.  The ceremony ended with the cutting of the yarn, so that campers could tie it around them and always know they are a part of this family, this huge national Camp Kesem family.

After the ceremony, it was time to pump up the energy with a campfire and camp songs and skits!  The s’mores were the best yet and the skits were funnier than ever.  By the time everything was done, the campers were ready for bed.  The campers returned to their cabins, got ready for bed, and then had a little cabin chat before going to sleep and energizing for the fun-filled day ahead!