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CKOSU 2013-Camp Day 2!

And the fun and magic continues…


As our second full day of the week, the pressure was on to make this day even better then the ones before.  After waking up and having some breakfast, the campers all began their first rotation of the day!  During arts and crafts the campers got a little creative and made some awesome picture frames to take home and hopefully put a CK picture in!  At sports, the campers got to get a little messy and competitive while trying to fill the opposite teams pool with water.  Unfortunately, most of the water somehow missed the pools and ended up on the counselors!  The last part of morning rotation was the Giant Swing, which is exactly what the name suggests.  The campers took turns swinging from different levels and all had a blast! The Giant Swing was definitely a highlight to many of the campers!

After lunch and some rest time, it was time for swimming!  The campers were all super excited to finally get a chance to go on the blob, boats, and just play in the water.  While most of the campers swam, some got to go horseback riding. Many of the campers conquered their fears and got up on the horse for a nice trail ride around the barn.  When all of the swimming and horseback riding was over, the campers were in for a surprise!

As the campers walked around the clubhouse, they saw a whole surprise carnival set up for them!  There were games, cotton candy, popcorn, sno-cones, a fortune teller, photo booth, face painting, and lots more!  The campers were super surprised and had so much fun earning tickets and playing around with all of the games.

When the fun of the carnival came to an end, it was time for dinner and then a campwide game of sharks and minnows!  After playing one last game, the campers were ready to go to the campfire where the usual songs, skits, and laughs awaited.  The campers also got to cash in their tickets for a chance to pie a counselor in the face!  The campers were quite possibly a little bit too excited to pie their counselors, but had so much fun making a little mess!

When the fun of the day had ended, the campers were ready to clean up, have a little cabin chat, and go to bed. After a day full of surprises and fun, it was going to be hard to beat these next few days!  But here at Camp Kesem, we are always ready for a challenge!