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CKOSU 2013-Camp Day 1!

Camp Kesem OSU has finally arrived and each day is full of more and more magic!

The arrival of the kids on Sunday started the week on a peppy, fun-filled note.  After the kids were dropped off, we had some cabin time where the campers were able to meet other kids in their unit, as well as our CKOSU camp counselors.  The campers played games, made crafts and picked the camp names they would go by for the week!  When cabin time ended, we all attended the opening ceremonies where the counselors put on skits for the campers and taught the beginning of a long list of fun camp songs!  Next, all of the campers met for a competitive game of ultimate frisbee, girls vs. boys.  I’m not sure we know which side actually won…but all the campers were excited for some competition.  We ended the night with dinner and then our very first campfire, which was complete with s’mores, songs, skits, and lots of laughs!


Our first full day of camp was jam-packed with awesome activities for the campers!  After awaking a little too early for some campers, we had breakfast and were ready for the day!  In the morning, campers got to do archery, play SPUD and ga-ga ball, and do some drama activities!  After lunch, it was time for swimming!  The campers were super excited to get in the water and looked forward to the famous Blob.  However, Monday was swim test day, so the campers didn’t get too much time in the water.  Luckily, we have swimtime everyday!  The next event of the day was the Color Wars.  Our fearless teens led their colors into competition with paint, sashes, and lots of team spirit!

The Wars started off with a rousing game of balloon tag, where the campers had to tie a balloon around their ankle and try to pop everyone else’s balloons.  The games got pretty intense, but red and yellow ended up on top in the end.  Next, the teams were set up to play Mississippi Line, where water was passed down the line from person to person and eventually put into a bottle.  The team that filled their bottle first would win.  The game ended with yellow first and blue taking second!  The next competition was a relay race where each team member had a different role.  Some had to leap-frog, hula-hoop, three-legged race, cartwheel, run backwards, crabwalk and more!  After the relay race the Color Wars breaked for dinner, which helped re-fuel the color teams and get them ready for more competition.  The colors then competed in a four corners version of capture the flag, which ended in a tie between yellow and blue.

The last event of the evening was the campfire, where songs were sung and more Color competition occurred.  The campers were asked to do their best counselor impression, something funny, and their best dance move for a panel of counselor judges.  At the end of the evening, blue and yellow were tied for first place…we’ll see what happens later in the week!  Which color do you think will be on top?  After the campfire, the tired campers were ready for bed, but not without a dance party hosted by our middle boys in “the jungle.”

The day was full of excitement, competition, and lots of laughs and magic.  The campers are enthused for the days to come and we are ready to have the best week ever!!