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CK TAMU DAY 4 & 5!

Our day 4 fiesta was a hit! We made water bottle maracas, played crab soccer, and had a really fun scavenger hunt through the camp! We ended the day with a visit from the chemistry roadshow – making elephant toothpaste, setting money on fire, made a gummy bear dance, and made balloons explode!! The kids couldn’t believe all of the amazing things that could be done with science!! We will be able to post pictures once we are back home!

Our DISNEY day 5 was such a blast! We had fun with water balloons, made keychains, and played newcomb. We finished the day with an awesome talent show and then a surprise RAVE! The kids had SUCH a fun time!!

Today, families came and picked up the campers in the rain! We were sad to see all of campers leave and for camp to be over so soon! But, we are EXTREMELY thankful to have had such a fun and meaningful Camp Kesem TAMU 2012!

Pictures will be posted soon 🙂