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CK TAMU DAY 1, 2, and 3!

We’ve have been having so much fun at camp this year. Our internet connection has been very slow and does not work properly at times to say the least. We will try to continue to update everything as much as we can, but if the internet is not available then we will post all the pictures when we return! (Sorry parents!)

Here’s a quick recap of our days so far ☺
Day 1, Sunday:
After check-in and drop-off, campers went back to their cabins to unpack and create their camp names. We had a Superhero naming ceremony after dinner and each camper was introduced to the camp with his or her new special camp name.

Day 2, Monday:
After breakfast, campers began their rotations with their units. In crafts, we made Superhero masks to help us fight crime! In sports, we had “Villians vs. Heroes” kickball. We had a blast in drama playing the name game and musical chairs. In outdoor adventure, campers had a nature scavenger hunt and had to create a special superhero from items found in nature. Red girls had a special moment creating Sparklegirl – the cancer fighting superhero. He comes to hospital rooms and cures cancer! The hearts and creativity of our campers never ceases to amaze us.
We had a great time on the lake with the blob – some campers went so high! We also got to tie-dye pillow cases! The colors are beautiful – we can’t wait for you to see them!
Our teen campers got to go on the low ropes course today for team-building exercises. They had a great time learning how to trust themselves and each other!
Our blue girls got the coveted Golden Broom award for the cleanest cabin! They made their beds, cleaned up the room, and swept!
We ended the day with the messiest Olympics Camp Kesem TAMU has ever seen! We separated into our color war colors and let the chaos begin! First campers had to save a superhero from the villian’s ice bath, then they ran to grind down the watermelon on a friend’s head! Counselors got involved when campers covered their faces with vanilla pudding and got 10 cheese puffs to stick. Then a very special (partially unlucky) counselor was wrapped in toilet paper. As the campers made homemade grape juice, under their armpits!, the toilet papered counselor stood patiently until the freshly squeezed grape juice was poured on their head! Campers then had to whistle as loud as they could with 3 Saltine crackers in their mouths followed by a wheelbarrow race to a pie plate full of cool whip and gummy worms! We then had fun making a pyramid of campers and having the camper on top chug a soda and burping as loud as possible. Then, every camper in each color had to blow a bubble in our homemade bubble mixture followed by a messy and slimy game of Twister! Messy Olympics ended with a chocolate oatmeal cookie slip’n’slide!
Our teen campers (aqua) were really helpful after Messy Olympics and helped us clean everything up! [Earning them first at breakfast the next morning!]

Day 3, Tuesday:
Tuesday morning we each got to make our own Superhero capes in Arts & Crafts! In sports we played basketball and hula-hooped. In drama we made the human knot and had a rockin’ dance party! Outdoor adventure helped save Gotham City from the fire, make mud pies (one camper said, “That was so much fun! My mom would NEVER let me do that!), and limbo-ed!
We had a very special guest this morning, Nicole from KBTX! She hung out with our campers during rotations and lunch. She then got to interview two campers and our camper care coordinator, and future co-chair, Sasha Fierce. You can find our story on their website at www.kbtx.com! Please share with your friends and family!
Speaking of special guests, we had a very special join us last night – Franklin Safari brought their petting zoo!!

That’s all for now – be sure to check out our Instagram at @CampKesemTAMU as that’s the easiest way for us to post pictures from the day!!