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CK OSU Day 6

Day 6 @ Headquarters:

Our final day was certainly bittersweet for all of the campers and counselors. Excited for the idea of seeing our families, devastated at the thought that camp was over. The campers got to sleep in (for the first time this week!) and had nowhere to be until a late breakfast at 9:45. After eating, the campers headed back to their cabins to pack up their bags to prepare for the potluck and pick up. The campers and counselors all sported their tie dye t-shirts as parents, family members and friends began to trickle in. Campers showed off the arts and crafts they’d made as well as walking their parents to see their cabins and the lakefront. When most all of the families had arrived, we enjoyed a great potluck lunch. I hope you all enjoyed hearing the many songs and cheers your children had learned throughout the week!

Next we handed out paper plate awards, acknowledging special and unique traits and skills that the kids showed throughout the week. Finally, we finished with a closing circle to say goodbye. We sang Carmen Ohio and the two Camp Kesem songs we end every night with.

Your children truly are incredible, resilient kids who know what it means to have fun. Our week spent with them has been inspiring and most of all, fun! Each camper was so special and we were honored to be able to spend a week with them. It is so sad to say goodbye to the kids, but I speak on behalf of all the counselors when I say we cannot wait for the Fall Reunion, and of course for next year’s camp!