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CK OSU Day 5

Day 5 @ Headquarters:

After a long week of activities, the kids finally (I didn’t think it was possible!) woke up feeling a little less energized and a little tired from the week. However, after breakfast we moved straight into a trust walk with campers leading campers, and later campers leading counselors! Once we arrived at our destination, the campers played different team building games. Then we split into group and headed to archery and rock climbing! The campers did so well at both!

After a long morning in the hot sun, the kids enjoyed lunch followed by a nice rest break. Again, rest break can be used lightly as the beginning was restful, while most of it was spent with the boys cabin scheming how to prank the girls cabin and vice versa. Next the kids played some drama games, something I’m sure the parents know that many of the campers excelled quite well at! Then the campers had a blast at swim time. The blobbers were flying through the air, the kayakers were exploring the whole lake and the swimmers were splashing and sunbathing the whole hour. After getting cleaned up and changed, the campers came back to Headquarters to discover their counselors had made clip-on felt ties so we could have a fancy final dinner! After the dinner, campers sang camp songs and then practiced for the Talent Show. The campers certainly have a lot of talent and it was all put on display! The Talent Show was followed by our final campfire with more s’mores than ever which, as you can imagine, made the campers very happy. It was a night full of skits and games before we finished with a closing circle where we talked about our favorite parts of Camp Kesem.

But camp is not over yet! We still have about a half a day and have no plans of slowing down yet!

-Bear, Keds, Teal, Marzi and Gramps
The Admin Team