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CK OSU Day 4

Day 4 @ Headquarters:

We cannot BELIEVE that we’re this far into the week already! It seems like just a few minutes ago that the kids were getting dropped off and picking their names. However, that’s because both campers and counselors have been having a blast and the time is flying. That continued on Day 4 with breakfast in the morning followed once again by Arts & Crafts. The campers were given the option of making dreamcatchers, pet rocks, or to work on another project they had been working on during the week. The pet rocks in particular were a huge hit and more were requested for today!

Next the campers split into cabins and, decked out in bandanas and face paint, headed down to the athletic fields for more Capture the Flag. The rest of the day, the camp was split in half and completed activities in rotations. This is because time needed to be made for horseback riding! Many of the kids went riding which they had been anticipating highly for much of the week.

Other activities that took place the rest of the day included water games like Drip, Drip, Drop. This game is similar to Duck, Duck, Goose, but when you say drop you get to dump the bucket of water on the persons head! The kids also play real life Battleship and had a water balloon fight. Mad Science also took place where the kids made giant bubbles and bouncy balls. Of course we cannot forget swim time, where the kids had a chance to play on the Blob, the Log, jump off the diving board, kayak and canoe.

Next we headed to dinner, after which the campers stopped in their cabins to get ready for the rest of the night. They came back to Headquarters for the Empowerment Ceremony. This is a chance for the counselors and campers to explain what Camp Kesem means to them in front of all of their friends and fellow campers. After this we headed out to the campfire and had an amazing time singing, performing skits and eating s’mores. The campers had never been closer and had never had more fun!

Day 5 has even more in store for the kids and we look forward to updating you on all of the fun they’re having!