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CK OSU Day 2

Day 2 @ Headquarters:

The kids woke up bright and early and headed to breakfast followed by arts and crafts at Headquarters. We were making Camp Kesem memory books and were originally worried the boys wouldn’t be too interested. Luckily we were wrong! The kids ALL did an amazing job with their scrapbooks and we plan on working on them a little more today. Next we had a special guest, Peggy Spears, who helped the kids with simple machines. They made cater-pults and learned about solar beads that turn colors in the sun. Then Daisy and Sundrop, dressed up in their superhero attire, performed a skit for the kids. They were standing at the front of the Headquarters discussing their candy when, gasp!, the Villain came in and stole the candy from them! No fear, he left some clues behind. The campers then split into groups and participated in a cross-camp scavenger hunt, finally getting their candy back from the Villain. It was a welcome little treat before heading to lunch.

After lunch the campers had a little rest break…well, the girls did at least. The boys simply restrained their shenanigans to their cabin for an hour. They were able to stretch their legs a little at our soccer game, something so many of the campers excelled at! We enjoyed freeze pops before headed to what has probably been the most anticipated activity–swimming at the lake! After taking a swim test, the kids headed out into the water, a place they’ll return to every day this week. But don’t worry–if a camper didn’t pass the swim test, there are still many water activities they can participate in.

Campers changed out of their swimsuits before heading to dinner. After dinner, it was time to bust the bandanas out and play Capture the Flag, a game every camper absolutely loved. While we hadn’t originally planned a campfire, the kids loved the first one so much that we had another. S’mores, games and skits were a great end to the night. The campers made many announcements so all of our campers would have to sing the Announcement Song, and many of them led Repeat After Me songs that they learned in their first two days here. The girls rounded out the night with a dance party in their cabin, complete with Justin Bieber and One Direction, while the boys finished their night attempting to crash the dance party!

The kids are having a blast and we are excited for them to see what is in store for them today!

-Bear, Keds, Teal, Marzi, and Gramps
The Admin Team