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CK Love During Midterms

Well, here at Columbia the time has come that all students dread… midterms. I know I’ve been so busy studying and running from meeting to meeting that I even forgot to eat lunch yesterday (believe me, at 4pm I was starving!). But, one moment during this crazy week has really uplifted me- when I was running from the subway to class, my bracelet got caught on my backpack. This was no normal bracelet, though. This was the bracelet that I got during Empowerment at camp this year, the one that connected all of the campers and counselors to each other. I still wear it, I haven’t taken it off, and each time I am reminded of it I smile. It is these memories that get me through the week, and this week in particular I definitely needed the extra encouragement. CK Love During Midterms!!

-Zooch and Orchid