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Welcome to Camp Kesem Chestnut Hill

As a group of Boston College students, we are excited to announce that Camp Kesem has made its way to Chestnut Hill, Mass! For those of you who may not be familiar with Kesem, the idea is simple: Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond a parent’s cancer. We work to create an opportunity for these children to escape the stress that cancer puts on a family, and attend a free, week-long summer camp.

Here at Camp Kesem Chestnut Hill we have two missions:

  1. For the Kids: The Boston College students organizing Camp Kesem Chestnut Hill are responsible for making our camp a place where campers feel safe, welcome, and supported, but more importantly, happy.
  2. For the Students: We wish to provide students with the above responsibility, giving them a chance to develop life-long leadership skills necessary to run a successful chapter of Camp Kesem. We also wish to provide students with the opportunity to give to others and opportunity that wasn’t available to them during a time when they needed it.

Thank you 6

Camp Kesem Chestnut Hill will take place from Tuesday Aug. 18th through Aug. 23rd, departing at 10:30am, and returning by 5pm. Camp will be held at the beautiful Camp Hayden Marks located in Fishkill, NY (3 hours by car, transportation will be provided). Camp is free of charge and is offered to children ages 6-16 whose parent has, or has had cancer.

Get EXCITED for Camp!!!!