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Checking in with Rosie

253216_4838309638902_1836778592_nAs a member of the executive board this year, Camp Kesem has become my life… and I’m not complaining! I cannot think of an organization that I would rather dedicate my time to. Planning for Make the Magic has been a lot of work, but both Noodles and I are extremely proud of how it is coming along. We are hoping to raise enough money to give our campers endless fun this summer.

This will be my third summer of camp. I was introduced my sophomore year when I ran into Bubbles, who I went to high school with, at the student org fair. I can still remember the very first meeting I attended. The co-chairs were very welcoming, and I was anxious to become a member. When I was accepted to be a counselor, everyone told me that camp would change my life. It sounded cheesy then, and it still does, but it is 100 percent true. I would say that I became Camp Kesem’s biggest supporter, but I know all of the other counselors love it just as much as I do, so that would be unfair.

Going to camp was the highlight of my summer. I made new friends among the other counselors, and also developed strong bonds with the campers. I was grateful for the chance to support the campers for one week of the year, and in turn they taught me lessons that still stick with me. I love camp because I love being able to interact with so many strong young people- they give me strength and purpose. I cannot wait to meet all of the new campers this summer and to reconnect with everyone from last year. In the meantime, I hope to see many camp families & other Kesem supporters at Make the Magic!