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Checking in with Lily


Hi! My name is Lily, and this is my second year in Camp Kesem. My favorite memory from camp is the empowerment ceremony. The empowerment ceremony is the one time at camp when the campers and staff are encouraged to share why they come to Camp Kesem. Everyone at camp sits in a circle and when we are ready to start one counselor starts a rain chain to make a calm serenity in the room. The first person to share holds the rain stick and passes it on to the next person when they are finished. If someone does not want to share, they can turn the stick over and pass it along. The reason I like the empowerment ceremony is that it lets campers bond. I had one of my campers say, “I love this place, and it makes me feel like I belong.” After many tears and smiles, we ended the night singing Linger as a group and returned to our cabins to paint our nails and do facials. It was a good ending to a memorable night.