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Checking in with Bubbles

Hey everybody! My name is Jessica, but I prefer to be called Bubbles! I am a senior this year, which unfortunately means that this is my last year to be a part of Camp Kesem UW-Madison. I wanted to take a second to share the impact that Camp Kesem has had on my life.

For the past three summers, Camp Kesem has been the week that I looked forward to. I am always so excited to see my campers from the summers before, and just as excited to meet all of the new ones! What happens at Camp Kesem really is magic. It is amazing to see the relationships that form, and the way that all of our campers open up throughout the week. The campers truly are my heroes, and all of the hard work throughout the year is worth it when I see their smiles at camp.

Not only are the campers and their families awesome, but the counselors are great too. I have met some incredible people that I probably never would have crossed paths with if I had not joined Camp Kesem. Being a part of the executive board for my third year has been very time consuming, but also very rewarding. In my second year as an Operations Coordinator, I am working with my co-coordinators and beginning to plan the camp schedule. As a soon to be elementary school teacher, this is great experience…talk about lesson planning! While I worry that it will rain or that the kids won’t like activities we have planned, this is never the case and camp is always a blast. For families and campers new to Camp Kesem, I cannot wait for you to experience the magic this summer! Returning campers, get ready for the best week (or two weeks) of camp yet!