Meet Our Student Leaders






Hey everyone! My name is Timon, and I am super excited to be one of your co-directors this year. I am a junior majoring in biology and hope to go onto dental school. When I first heard the mission of Camp Kesem, I knew I had to do everything I possibly could to get it here to our school. Now that it’s here, I couldn’t possibly be more excited to plan camp during the upcoming year. I can’t wait to meet all our campers, and am especially looking forward to messy Olympics!










Hello! My name is Sharknado (Sharky for short), and I am a junior biology major. While this is our first year as a Camp Kesem chapter, I could not be more excited to make sure that we host the best camp that we possibly can.  I knew I wanted to be a part of Camp Kesem as soon as I heard what it was all about, and have been a part of it since the beginning of the application process here. My favorite part of the camp I was fortunate enough to visit was definitely the sports and the relay races. I’m very excited to learn as many camp games and songs as possible and meet our amazing campers and counselors!









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Hello! My name is Tinkerbell, and I am beyond excited to finally be a camp counselor! I am a Psychology and Sociology double major and love children. I am involved with Camp Kesem because I think having a fun week with people just like you is the best “medicine” for a child. At camp the kids can be themselves and forget about their worries. Hakuna Matata!






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My name is Bullwinkle! I’m majoring in Accounting. I joined Camp Kesem because I think it is such a great cause. These kids are often overlooked and deserve the love and support they get through Camp Kesem. I’m just glad I get to be a part of it! I’m this years Outreach Coordinator and can’t wait for this years camp!










What’s up everyone, my name is Mad Cow. I am currently a Junior in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. I have been involved with Camp Kesem since the start here in State College. Last spring semester, I was introduced to the idea of getting involved in this awesome camp through my hometown friend Timon. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get involved and have a positive influence on the lives of others. I was really excited about the camp and wanted to take on more responsibility in the organization in order to make our first year as successful as possible. Because of this, I am now one of the Development coordinators for our chapter!










Hey everyone, my name is Zeus! I am a junior currently pursuing a Biology Major with a Business Minor. I am originally from Massachusetts, and I love the winter! I got involved with Camp Kesem my sophomore year as one of our chapter’s founding members. I witnessed my best friend go through the same situation as our campers, and know what a valuable and life changing resource Camp Kesem can be. I am now one of the development chairs. I can’t wait for our first camp this summer; I look forward to meeting our campers, riding the go-carts, and making lots of great memories. When I’m not studying or fundraising for camp, I love snowboarding, playing sports, and cheering on the Football team.













Hi everyone! My name is Squirrel Girl and I am so excited for camp this summer! I am a Sophomore majoring in Psychology. I love squirrels (hence the nickname), I love playing games, and I’m so excited to meet you guys! I Kesem because my Dad fought cancer and I want to help anyone affected by this disease. I know this week of camp will be the BEST time ever!!










Hi! I’m Bugsy. I’m a junior majoring in Kinesiology. The reason why I joined the Camp Kesem team is because one of my close friends, Timon, ran the idea by me one day about joining this amazing cause, and from that point I was sold. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to help out with such a good cause. Even though I haven’t been directly affected by any sort of cancer, I felt the need to try my best to help other people who were.













Hi! My name is Squidward, and I am a junior majoring in biology and minoring in psychology. In the future, I hope to attend medical school and become a surgeon. I am somewhat of a nerd, but I embrace my nerdiness! I am a Volunteer Co-Coordinator for Camp Kesem State College. I joined Camp Kesem because I love helping others and because of the incredible impact it allows for me to have on others.










Hey everyone! My name is Megamillions, and I am a junio majoring in Communication Science and Disorders with a minor in Business. I am involved in multiple organizations including THON, NSSLHA, club water polo, and ITS Lab Consulting. When I first heard about Camp Kesem, I was beyond excited to get the opportunity to interact with people who have been affected by cancer. In my recent past, cancer has made its way to my family members, and I want to make sure kids who have affected parents know they have support from people who have gone or are going through the same thing.







Marketing and PR







Hey everyone! My name is Gumby, and I am currently a junior studying Business  Management with a minor in English. I am one of your Marketing and Public Relations Coordinators and am preparing all year to make our first camp the best it can possibly be.  I joined Camp Kesem because I truly believe in the camp’s mission.  I am looking forward to meeting all of our campers and am excited to be a counselor for next summer!












Hi everyone! My name is Lilo, and I’m a junior studying Visual Communications. I became involved with Camp Kesem because cancer sucks, and I want to do something to help everyone affected by it. This year I’m serving as one of the Marketing and PR Coordinators! I’m so excited for our first year of camp, and I can’t wait to meet everyone! In my free time, I run my own photography business, and I also love reading, exploring new places, and doing arts and crafts!