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Meet Our Student Leaders







Class: Senior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Fun Fact: I once ate two Domino’s pizzas in under an hour!

Why you Kesem: I Kesem because a single week at camp has given me such an incredible second family. There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not inspired by all the amazing individuals in our Kesem family. I Kesem for them and for that feeling we all experience at camp that can only be described as Kesem Magic!

Favorite Camp Memory: Watching all the kids throw paint at our Cancer Sucks banner!



Class: Senior

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Hometown: Downingtown, PA

Fun fact: I am a twin!

Why You Kesem: I Kesem for all the kids who have had to see cancer up close and personal. I Kesem to give them a great, carefree time at camp with kids just like themselves :)

Favorite Camp Memory: Singing Razzle Dazzle all day everyday and especially all the fun times swimming and in the lake!



Squirrel Girl


Class: Junior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Flemington, NJ

Fun fact: I chose the name Squirrel Girl because I really love squirrels! In high school

I even made a squirrel teapot with a matching acorn cup!

Why You Kesem: I Kesem so that these brave kids get to enjoy their childhood as

well as give them a place where they will always be supported and empowered. I

Kesem for my dad and his battle against Leukemia, because he never allowed cancer

to define him. We Kesem because we know this is where magic happens.

Favorite Camp Memory: Messy Olympics was my favorite part of camp because we

played a ton of games, got covered in paint & shaving cream, and went crazy! I think

everyone had a great time that day and I loved bonding with all of our campers!



Class: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Warrington, PA

Fun fact: I went zip lining for the first time at Camp Kesem!

Why You Kesem: I Kesem for the kids! I love being a part of making Camp Kesem the

best week of summer for the kids who come to camp.

Favorite Camp Memory: My favorite camp memory is the lake. I loved the water

trampoline, the suspension slide, and floating around with all the campers!


Marketing and PR



Class: Sophomore

Major: Information Sciences and Technology

Hometown: Fort Washington, PA

Fun fact: I have two dogs, and my family fosters dogs!

Why You Kesem: I Kesem so that kids will get a chance to be around other kids who are going through the same things as them. I think the support system that Camp Kesem creates is amazing.

Favorite Camp Memory: Messy Olympics! Even though I was washing chocolate sauce out of my ears for a week.




Class: Junior

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Warrington, PA

Fun fact: Ferb is my twin sister!

Why You Kesem: I Kesem to give the children whose parents have or had cancer the

best week of their lives!

Favorite Camp Memory: My favorite memory was the Camp Kesem pajama dance

party on the last night of camp. All the campers were amazing at dancing!!



Class: Senior

Major: Communication Science and Disorders Minor: Business and Linguistics

Hometown: Exton, Pa

Fun fact: I play club Water Polo at Penn State

Why You Kesem: I Kesem so every child can feel a part of a family. We all go

through tough times and it is comforting to know you have people to turn who

understand what you are going through. No child should have to watch a parent

battle cancer alone.

Favorite Camp Memory: My favorite camp memory was watching our Chinese

lanterns float into the sky during our empowerment ceremony. The simple act

of watching the messages our campers wrote on the lanterns to their loved ones

take off into the night sky really touched me. I was able to share some spectacular

moments with some of the strongest kids I have ever met.





Class: Junior

Major: Biobehavioral Health, Psych minor

Hometown: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Fun fact: I have never been outside of the country.

Why You Kesem: I Kesem because I believe every child deserves to have fun and

exciting childhood memories.

Favorite Camp Memory: Being made into a Human Sundae at Messy Olympics 2014!



Class: Senior

Major: Secondary English Education

Hometown: Milford, PA

Fun fact: I got six stitches on my chin in high school for slipping in the shower. My

friends told everyone it was because I was dancing…

Why You Kesem: I Kesem because cancer is just about the worst thing ever. I believe

that children deserve to be happy no matter what and I love to be the one to put a

smile on their faces! Even if it’s just for a week.

Favorite Camp Memory: I loved our empowerment ceremony. Seeing the paper

lanterns float over the lake was so beautiful and was the best end to a perfect week.





Class: Junior

Major: Human Development and Family Studies

Hometown: Cedar Grove, NJ

Fun Fact: I really like to draw! I even started college as an Art major but changed my mind on the first day of class.

Why you Kesem: I Kesem because I know how it feels to go through childhood with a parent fighting cancer. I may have never had the chance to go to Camp Kesem as a kid, but I’m so incredibly thankful that it is a part of my life now. I am so glad that I can help provide our campers with a carefree week, full of fun, silliness, and a lot of Kesem magic!

Favorite camp memory: I have a lot of amazing memories from camp, but my favorite has to be Messy Olympics! I also really love singing camp songs!



Class: Sophomore

Major: Actuarial Science

Hometown: Hampton – Outside of Pittsburgh

Fun fact: I’m a good chess player! I was on the cover of my local magazine playing chess!

Why You Kesem: To have a fun-filled week at a summer camp! The kids are so much fun and I made so many new friends!

Favorite Camp Memory: My favorite camp memory was when I was made into a Sundae. I had no idea that I’d look so tasty! Whipped Cream, chocolate syrup, and cherries are delicious!

Make the Magic



Class: Senior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Allentown, PA

Fun fact: I’ve had chicken pox twice in my life!

Why You Kesem: I Kesem because all of our awesome campers and any child affected by a parent’s cancer deserve the chance to have the time of their life for a week and meet others going through the same situation as them to help them through it. Besides, who doesn’t love a fun week of camp!

Favorite Camp Memory: Messy Olympics!