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Camp Kesem Case Western is 100% CWRU student volunteer-driven.

Volunteer as a Counselor

Being a counselor at Camp Kesem Case Western will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! But, spots are limited, and we consider your involvement on one of our committees as a must!

You can find counselor applications at: https://drive.google.com/a/campkesem.org/file/d/0BxiXz2JCQtHnVTRkY3ppTkJoMWc/edit

Volunteer on a Committee

Camp Kesem is organized by student volunteers throughout the year serving on 4 different committees (operations, community outreach, development, volunteer, and marketing).

We need your help year-round! Camp Kesem committees meet about once or twice a month and you will be doing important things to make Camp Kesem Case Western happen every year.

If you want to volunteer on a Camp Kesem Case Western Committee, please contact one the Volunteer Coordinators, Curly and Bear at casewestern.volunteer@campkesem.org today!