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Camp Kesemer Spotlight

Camp Kesemer Spotlight is our way of thanking the awesome people on campus for helping us reach our goals. These individuals have gone above and beyond what we ask for which really helps us reach our ultimate goal of bringing magic to kids for our first summer. Let’s take a moment to recognize these superstars and applaud them for all those countless hours of work and commitment to help us!

Meet Bill!

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Bill Graham is the Director of Camp Asbury who worked with us to help us create the best week of camp for our campers! He was a wonderful host who shared his beautiful campsite, staff and resources so that we could enjoy our very first Camp Kesem. We are forever grateful for his kindness, hospitality and commitment and we look forward to working with him again for our second year of camp! On the behalf of Camp Kesem at Case Western, we recognize Bill and all of his Camp Asbury staff as being our Camp Kesemer Spotlight!

Donation Superstars!













We want to recognized four amazing Kesemers for their dedicated efforts to raise donations for our camp! These Kesemers have recently raised some amazing donations that are really helping us reach our goal! A HUGE thank you goes out to Curly, Blue, Hazel and Piggie for being awesome and helping us bring magic this summer!



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Sumo has been doing such an amazing job fundraising for our camp this summer! She is such a knowledgeable and positive spirit that we are excited to have as a unit leader! You’re a superstar, Sumo!















Kitty has gone on canning adventures at the Cleveland Browns games on the freezing cold Sundays to help us collect some cash! Additionally, she always comes out to our events on campus to help support us! You go, Kitty!












Curly has been positively supporting us since day one! She has come out tirelessly to our events and helped us raise awareness and money! Additionally, she’s going to be one of our amazing counselors this summer! You’re the best, Curly!