Flashback Friday! (Day 6)

It’s Flashback Friday! The campers are going to go through the daily rotation of arts/crafts, sports, and dance/drama activities. After lunch we’re going to have a water fight and preparation time for the talent show. Then, we will have a talent show featuring individuals, units, and admin. Finally, we’ll end the last night of camp […]

Throwback Thursday! (Day 5)

Today is Throwback Thursday! After breakfast we’re going to have our daily rotations of dance/drama, adventure/ nature, sports, and zip line. Next, after lunch and another rotation, we have canoeing and then we’re tie dyeing our camp shirts! Then, we will eat dinner, have a night hike, and cabin chats. Then lights out! To experience […]

Washington Wednesday! (Day 4)

Today’s Washington Wednesday! Up until lunch we will be having color wars (red vs. white vs. blue teams) ! After lunch, we will be having rotations of arts/ crafts, zip lining, and adventure/ nature with lake time in between. After dinner, we will have empowerment and a cabin chat. Looking forward to all the smiling […]

Tribal Tuesday! (Day 3)

It’s Tribal Tuesday! We have so many activities planned for today! After a hearty breakfast, we will have our regular rotation of arts/ crafts, sports, unit bonding, archery, and adventure/ nature. Then, we will have lunch and another rotation. Next, the kids will be able to canoe on the lake with their favorite counselor! Before […]

Camp is starting!

After a successful check-in and first day of camp, we head into our week at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp. Today is Mesozoic Monday! We have arts & crafts, sports, adventure & nature activities, lake time, archery, dance & drama, a fashion show, and much more planned for today! It’s going to be a fun day […]

It’s almost time!

As the Counselors are preparing for camp, we are so thankful for all of the donations that have come through. With only 11 more days, you can still donate by visiting our “donate” page! This picture was from our Family Info Session! Twitch is teaching the campers all about one of our camp games, Ninja!