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Camper Application

PLEASE NOTE: Because our camps are offered at no cost to our families and provide an incredible, life-changing experience for children, they fill up quickly. If you are trying to register your child for the first time and the camp of your choice is already filled, we have two important messages for you regarding space in our programs:
  1. Please sign up to secure a waitlist position for your child. We often can accommodate these children.
  2. By registering (even if you don’t get a spot this coming year) you will be eligible for early registration next year guaranteeing your child a spot at one of our Camp Kesem programs. 

2017 Camper & CIT Application Instructions

  • Before filling out the application, please make sure you have the following information on hand:
    • Name, email, and phone numbers for two adults who can serve as emergency contacts
    • Your child’s health insurance group/policy number, if your child has health insurance.
  • The application must be filled out in one sitting. You can register more than one child at one time, but the application will timeout if it is not completed in one setting, so we recommend registering your first child completely, ensuring that you receive a confirmation email for the registration, and then logging back into your account to complete the registrations for the rest of your children.
  • There are separate applications for regular campers (aged 6-16) and CITs (aged 17-18). The link to the applications is at the bottom of this email, but please note you will need to click on the CIT session to register your CIT.
  • On the first page you’ll notice you can filter out sessions by “Session Type” on the left side. This is how you will break the sessions into regions, which will be helpful since we have over 90 sessions taking place this year! You may also search by state, but note that some Camp Kesem chapters hold camp in a different state from where the university is located.
  • Please note, some of our sessions do not yet have dates and locations completely confirmed. In that case, it says so on the application and we have listed “fake” dates as the end of April. If you have any questions please contact your local chapter.
  • The system will ask to look up your email address to see if you already have an account from last year. If you applied online last year, entering the same email address you used last year will help speed up your application. If you are having trouble accessing your account or are not sure what email address it might be listed on, feel free to reach out to applications@campkesem.org. We will make every effort to reply to your inquiry within 48 hours.

If you have questions, pleases direct them as follows:

  • For technical questions, including account email look-up, difficulty completing the application, or errors, please contact applications@campkesem.org. We will make every effort to reply to your inquiry within 48 hours.
  • For all other questions, including any questions regarding chapter events, exact camp dates and locations, or camp transportation, please contact your local chapter.

Application Link: 2017 Camper and CIT Applications