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The magic of Camp Kesem profoundly impacts everyone involved. Read more to see what campers, parents, and student leaders think about their experiences with Camp Kesem.

What our campers say:

“I feel like Camp Kesem has become a part of me forever.”
ck campers“Kesem is another world. You are who you really are and time passes by so fast, but you know the people there better than you know friends from school or anywhere else I believe. The counselors are all so caring and are truly there for us.”

“Camp means everything to me. I can be with my friends and not have to worry and I love being with the counselors. It is an escape from pain. I can be myself for a while and just feel free. I get so scared for my mum, but at Camp Kesem I can just be me.”




What our parents say:

“As the victim of cancer my illness had taken away so much from my kids. The camp not only impacted them but also was very healing for me to get to see them have the opportunity to have fun. My medical bills have robbed them of this. Our times at the functions were the only fun our family has had which has allowed us a time to connect which is healing. It is also very important that they know they are not the only ones going through this.”

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“Camp Kesem has been life changing for our family and has filled a hole we didn’t even realize was there. So much attention is paid to the person with cancer (in this case, the parent) that other family members, and particularly children, can inadvertently be slighted. Camp Kesem is a place where their needs (the children) are addressed and their own survivorship celebrated.”


“I am not sure the full impact of the experience can be gauged from camp until now. The confidence and strength, and sheer comfort in being himself has been obvious thus far but I have a feeling there is more under the surface. Even just the opportunity to go and be a kid – not someone’s caregiver, child, son, brother or anything else has made a difference. For one blissful week he was just himself living life instead of existing in it. I thank God for the opportunity for him to experience that and look forward to it again more than words can express.”

What our student leaders say:

“There is no greater feeling than to have a child call you their hero when actually they are yours.”

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“On the very first day, the one of the most shy girls at camp sat down next to me at dinner and only said one thing: this has been the greatest day ever.”


“One thing I will always cherish that Kesem taught me is how children can possess incredible maturity and strength while simultaneously surprising you with moments of innocence and a passion for pure fun. Knowing that one does not override the other, even in children who are inundated with tragedy, is a lesson that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”


“How do you describe something so perfect? Camp is fun. It gives both camper and counselor alike to do something very important: to put aside life for a while and act like a kid. Camp is silly, emotional, rejuvenating and a million other things that words can hardly begin to describe. In short, camp is magic.”