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Camp Kesem Program Director in the News!

Check out what Abby O’Leary has to say about LIVESTRONG and what they have done for Camp Kesem, in the Philanthrophy Journal

Lance Armstrong may be forever branded as a liar or worse by cycling fans, sponsors, sports councils and legal authorities for his belated confession to using banned performance-enhancing drugs.

But not everyone is dismissing him as just another disgraced athlete. Those who have benefitted from his LIVESTRONG  foundation, from which he resigned in October, prefer to focus on the cancer survivor’s generous support of cancer-related causes.

According to its website, LIVESTRONG has raised more than $400 million since 1997 for the fight against cancer, with 82 cents of every dollar going directly to support its programs and services.

LIVESTRONG supports several charities in North Carolina, including Camp Kesem in Raleigh, which provides weeklong summer getaways for children whose parents are battling the disease. The foundation’s support had been central to its ability to grow and serve more children nationwide, says Abby O’Leary, a Camp Kesem national program director.

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