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Camp Kesem OSU Roadtrip – Day Two!

The second day of our CK Roadtrip came quickly as our counselors woke up the very sleepy campers. After they fueled up at breakfast, the campers headed to their first programmed activity—archery, rock climbing, horseback riding, or the big swing!  Unit One enjoyed nice, leisurely rides atop of horses, Unit Two got their adrenaline going with the big swing, Unit Three learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, and Unit Four climbed high into the sky on the rock wall!

After the campers refueled at lunch, they returned to their cabins for the first feet on bed time of the week! An hour to rest and relax, the campers have free reign to do whatever they please—as long as their feet are on their bed!

As the hour winded down, the campers went over to the lake to take their swim tests. Everyone was anxious to get swimming privileges and pass their test! The kids had a great time playing games, going down the giant slide by the waterfront, fishing, kayaking, and being in the water; many of them even said all they wanted to do was swim!

Once everyone was dry, the whole camp met at the field to participate in the camp-wide Amazing Race! They met up with their color wars teams and headed to their first stop. The stops included trying to cross the field without touching the grass using only two pieces of cardboard, brain or strain: a word scramble where the teams had to decipher 22 different letters to reveal a phrase from a camp song, and big puzzles! Everyone had a blast interacting with new people and cheering on their teams. It was great to see everyone getting along and lifting up their teammates! It all ended with a counselor from each team being pied in the face!

After the Amazing Race was over and everyone had their newly stamped passports, the campers got to run free (well, almost!) on the big field. They split up and played a variety of games including the camp favorite: gaga ball. The field was a sight to see! Campers did everything you could imagine: frolicking in the grass running after basketballs, soccer balls, and each other; campers playing gaga; campers just relaxing and chit-chatting away!

At dinner on the first full day of camp, the counselors decided to switch things up a bit, and sat with the opposite cabin in their unit. Shenanigans ensued over tater tots and waffle chicken nuggets! In no time, everyone had full bellies and wide smiles.

After, the children headed to their first free select time! They got to pick two activities that they wanted to do, and made their way to the first one right after dinner. These activities included beauty parlor, crafts, Fear Factor, kickball, egg drop, dancing, and soccer. At beauty parlor, everyone got to get their hair, makeup, and nails done. We even had a few boys jump in to get their nails and makeup done! The girls—and boys—had such a fun time bonding and chatting over their favorite girly activities. For the craft, the campers got to make their very own clothespin Karl! Over at Fear Factor, the kids had to deal with creepy crawlers and squishy substances! Their faces were priceless as they felt and saw what they were doing! At kickball, the campers got to run off some energy while having a blast! During the egg drop, the kids had to put their minds to the test and figure out a way to drop their egg without letting it crack! Some dancers got to learn a dance to “Party in the USA” to perform at the talent show on Thursday! At the soccer free select soccer players of all ages impressed the counselors with their skills.

Once the free select activities ended, the campers made their way to the daily campfire. The usual array of crazy camp songs and skits ensued, and everyone was up, smiling, and having a great time! Afterwards, the kids cooled down with popsicles during cabin chats, only to warm right back up before bed with cabin dance parties!

Day two: complete.