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Camp Kesem OSU Roadtrip – Day One

Day one at Camp Kesem at Ohio State was a success! The campers arrived full of excitement this afternoon with luggage and smiles ready to go. They headed to check-in where they were greeted with lots of CK Love. Each camper got a brand new name tag and went on their way to meet their counselors and cabin-mates. Once they got settled in and said their goodbyes, the campers bonded over a game of Frisbee, arts and crafts, and lots of fooling around!

As some of the excitement with arriving to camp wore off, the campers headed into their cabins for some cabin time. There, they got to know each other decorated their warm fuzzy bags. Soon after, they headed to Pitt Stop to sing Hey Burrito, The Princess Pat, and Boom Chicka Boom.

Once the tunes died down, the campers gathered around to watch all of the counselors introduce themselves with playful skits about the rules. Unit One began with the opening counselor skit going along with their beach theme. A group of counselors laid out under the sun in their perfect sunny spot. Meanwhile, two of the counselors went surfing on the gnarly waves! Trouble was brewing when Zabex wanted to steal the waves, and he pushed them out of the ocean. Upset at the waves dying down, Zabex headed to the shore to get some sun. The counselors there, however, did not want to give up their sun spot; this made Zabex angry. He kicked them until they moved. This showed the campers that it’s never okay to use physical violence at camp.

Unit Two followed with a Western theme while the counselors ganged up on Christmas with hilarious Western insults. Some of these included, “You’re as ugly as a burnt boot!” and “You couldn’t teach a hen to cluck!” Once every counselor had their shot at Christmas, he was distraught! He ended by telling the campers: “Put-downs aren’t cool!”

Unit Three was on deck with their USA themed skit where Pinecone was the President. Turns out, the President preferred going off and playing basketball by himself rather than giving the speech that was scheduled. He got hurt, and taught the campers that unsupervised activities never end well.

Unit Four followed suit with their LA themed skit by singing a tune to Spongebob’s FRIENDS song to make sure the campers knew to ALWAYS have fun.

Teen Camp closed the show by bringing the theme full circle with a Roadtrip skit where they all made up outrageous rules for camp… No sitting at all?

Don’t worry! They were just kidding!

As the laughter subsided, campers and counselors headed to the field to play the handshake game with the whole camp, and then various games with their units. The sun was burning, so we made sure to put on lots of sunscreen!

Worn out from all the fun, the campers headed back to their cabins to get all settled in—their luggage was officially bed bug free! Hooray! There they enjoyed personalizing their buns and dancing around with their new best buds.

After they had their bunks exactly as they wanted, they headed to the dining hall to get dinner. After all, kids need their energy if they want a full day of running around! Once their bellies were full, they walked over to the field one last time to play a camp-wide game of amoeba tag and rock paper scissors. The campers had a blast being able to play all together.

With the energy running out, everyone journeyed over to the campfire where they sang just about every camp song they knew, roasted marshmallows to make s’mores, and watched some pretty crazy skits.

As usual, the day ended by singing the Camp Kesem OSU cheer, and Carmen Ohio. As the final note rang out, they carried their sleepy bodies back to the cabin for cabin chats and much-needed bedtime.

Needless to say, the campers had a packed and fun first day! They can’t wait for tomorrow!!