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Camp Kesem OSU Roadtrip 2014 Day Three

Day three got off to an early start with a delicious pancake breakfast followed by the three programmed activities: horseback riding, the big swing, archery, and rock climbing along with parachute games and arts and crafts. Unit One got to go on the rock wall, Unit Two had a ride on the horses, Unit Three got to experience the big swing, and Unit Four learned archery! When they weren’t doing any programmed activities, the children got to decorate their own picture frames, tie dye pillow cases, and play under the big parachute!

After a packed morning, the kids lined up in the straightest and most quiet lines they could form to get to lunch as quickly as possible. There were lots of forgetful campers doing bagel dances today! As usual, lunch was followed with a much-needed feet on bed time.

After resting up a bit, the campers got to swim in the lake for the first time! Amongst splashes and laughter, campers got to ride on the funyaks, go fishing with our very own fishing expert, Bangarang, ride in boats, swim, and go on the blob! Today Unit One girls and teens got to be launched into the air to land in the water. Paired with their buddies at all times, friendships deepened, fun was had, and campers had a blast while staying safe and sound in the water.

Once the campers dried off, they were greeted to a surprise carnival! Out on the field, there was a 40 foot long bounce house obstacle course and a dunk tank where campers got to dunk their favorite counselors! Smiles could be seen everywhere you looked as they made their way racing through the obstacle course and after the satisfaction of dunking the counselors. Over at Pitt Stop, the campers got a special treat with cotton candy and snow cones! In addition, music was playing, campers were laughing, and magic was made.

After the excitement wound down, a big thunderstorm rolled in. Not to worry, though! The campers and counselors made the best of a bad situation and ended up having the best time ever! The younger boys’ cabins were in danger of being flooded, but everyone banded together to build a mote around the cabin and barricade the outside with picnic tables. The campers were overjoyed at the opportunity to play in the rain, and when they had to go inside to stay safe, they threw a huge dance party and were perfectly content in their cabins with their new best friends.

To end the day, the camp fire was moved into Pitt Stop; they still got s’mores, of course! The counselors set up the Gauntlet out of tables to make an indoor gaga pit, which the campers loved, and blasted music to dance along to. Plus, there were plenty of crafts and games to keep their attention!

Not even rain can stop Kesem Magic!