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Camp Kesem OSU Roadtrip 2014 Day 4!

Day four of our CK Roadtrip was a sleepy morning for campers and counselors alike. However, after fueling up with egg wraps, yogurt parfait, cereal, and bagels we were excited and ready to head to the day’s first activities. During this time, Unit One got to learn archery while Unit Two had the chance to go rock climbing at Camp Willson’s outdoor climbing wall! Unit Three spent the morning down on the farm horseback riding and Unit Four was able to take a ride on the big swing!

After that fun-filled start to the morning, the campers made their way back to the mess hall for a lunchtime hit of chicken nuggets with mac and cheese! No silverware eating contests and a mini mid-lunch dance party made this one for the books!

After a quick rest stop back at the cabin and sunscreening up, the campers made their way down to the lake for their second full day of swimming and water shenanigans.

Once we dried off from the lake, campers and counselors got changed into their color wars attire for the evening’s festivities. As the campers made their way through Pit Stop for the first round of color wars games, the campers were shocked to find an ice cream truck waiting for them! Once they finished their afternoon snack, the campers had the chance to compete in a variety of events – including relay races, unicorn bowling, doughnut on a string, “flinch”, and crab soccer with a 12-foot inflatable beach ball!

We made a quick stop at the campfire to take color wars Kesem picture before heading back over to Pit Stop for a grillout of hotdogs, brawts, hamburgers, baked beans, and peanut butter cookies combined with some games out in the yard! Once the campers had finished their food and games, we headed back to the cabin to change into Western attire prior to the night’s Empowerment Ceremony.

For the campers and counselors alike, the Empowerment Ceremony gave them the opportunity to share their opinions on why they Kesem and why others are a part of their Kesem family. Then came the question of why Camp Kesem will always hold a place in your heart, which conjured up very strong emotions while simultaneously having a huge and lasting impact on all those who participated!

The night wrapped up with several camp songs and some of the more memorable skits of the week yet far. The skits included having several members of our admin staff get hit in the head with hardboiled and raw eggs and watching as a series of stacked counselors were doused with buckets of water!

Day four was most definitely a complete success. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!