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Camp Kesem Notre Dame Feature in Commercial

Didn’t watch the MSU vs. Notre Dame football game on Saturday? Here is a link to the commercial where CK Notre Dame was featured!

A diagnosis of prostate cancer changes the lives of a man and his entire family. For a child, the prospect of losing a parent is frightening and very often overwhelming. For kids living with the reality of cancer in their family, Camp Kesem in Jackson, Michigan, provides a place where they can learn to address their fears and feelings. Here, they can also make a wish for a brighter future.

That brighter future is the inspiration for Biological Sciences Professor Mark Suckow, as he works to create vaccines harvested from tumors. He explains that although most cancers are complex mixtures of cells and molecules, using a patient’s own tumor can provide the immune system with comprehensive information to attack the cancer. The vaccine he is developing could lead to a bright future for countless people. And that hope keeps the scientists at Notre Dame fighting for a cure for prostate cancer.

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