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Camp Kesem Mizzou 2013 – Day 2



This morning we all woke up for breakfast ready to get our jam-packed day of activities started! Some of the awesome activities included Tie-dying Camp Kesem shirts at Art & Crafts, mini golf at Sports, skit practice at Drama, and the high and low ropes courses at Adventure! After the morning rotation of activities, all the color teams got together for today’s all camp activity: the slip and slide! All the campers, all the counselors, and even Firefly the camp therapist went down the slip and slide with Sparky the therapy dog!


But the fun didn’t end there! After slip and slide time, everyone headed into the dining hall for lunch. We were so lucky to have today’s lunch provided by Mercy Hospital of Washington Missouri and delivered by “Goody” who is M&M and Fruit Loop’s uncle. The campers devoured all the delicious food and quickly got ready for today’s pool time where the big beach ball was back in the water and the line for the slide almost stretched to the bottom of the stairs! To cap swim time off at the end, as tradition, everyone in camp got out of the pool and all did one last jump into the pool together.


The campers went back to their cabins to rest for a little while but soon will have two more activities followed by the famous Caterpillar Race as our evening all group activity! We are all having a blast (if you can’t already tell by our pictures on Facebook!) and can’t wait to get back out in the sun for more Camp Kesem fun!


Peace. Love. Kesem.


The Coordinators