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Camp Kesem Mizzou 2013 – Day 1!

ITS FINALLY HERE! First Day of Camp Kesem Mizzou 2013!

After a long summer of anxious waiting, one of the best weeks of the year is finally underway! Our awesome campers arrived yesterday and immediately jumped back into the Kesem swing of things. After hugging their parents goodbye for the week, the campers started doing arts & crafts and playing games with their counselors. It didn’t take long for the 1 year veteran campers to introduce themselves to the new campers and fill them in on how much fun they are going to have this week. As new camper, Captain Barnacle, perfectly stated, “This is already so much fun! And we get to be such good friends!”

Sunday afternoon, the campers met with their units for the week to discuss team names, chants and prepare a skit for the opening ceremony. The group names for this year (in ascending age order) are Team Yellow Superstars Captain-King-Creepers of the dirt in the bottom of the Shark Pool, The Red Rugburns, The Thundersmurfs, The Green Machines, and The Purple Pandas. Very creative and very spirited all around! During the cheer-off, where we decided the dining order for Sunday dinner, The Red Rugburns barely out cheered the rest of the groups. After dinner all the groups returned to their room and made their own “room rules” for the week, had their first cabin chat, and called it a day.

Monday morning everyone woke up early and made their way to breakfast in their groups. Unfortunately during breakfast the weather decided to turn against us and rain began to fall in buckets! We didn’t let that stop us, though! The Arts & Crafts and Drama activity stations continued as planned. Adventure and Sports stayed dry playing crab soccer and heads-up 7-Up in the Dining Hall. In the middle of lunch the sun came back out and all the groups were able to go the pool! Swimming has been a blast with the water slide, whirlpool and giant (3m diameter) beach ball!

After drying off, we got to have more unit time (where the teens zip-lined!) and played Capture The Magic before doing our closing circle and heading to cabin chats.

We are so excited to see how happy and excited all the campers are already are we’re looking forward to another great day tomorrow!

Peace. Love. Kesem.

The Coordinators