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Camp Kesem IU: Day 6-7

And just like that, Camp Kesem Indiana University 2014 is over. The week seemed to fly by with a blink of an eye but we were able to fit in a long list of activities and memories that will last a lifetime.  We as counselors hope that our campers come back home with stories, songs and maybe a little dirtiness that can last the year until CKIU 2015 rolls around.  Okay, maybe not the dirtiness part but everything else.

Our last full day of camp on Friday was one of the best days of camp.  We started the day like any other, but after lunch we went to two staples of CKIU: The Empowerment Ceremony and Messy Olympics.  Two activities back-to-back that cover a whole range of emotions and feelings that can’t quite be duplicated anywhere else.  The empowerment ceremony is an all-camp activity where we allow anyone to speak in front of the whole group about their personal story.  I wouldn’t know where to begin if I tried to completely describe it but it is truly a magical moment where everyone from our youngest campers to the oldest counselors are connected and bonded with support and love for one another.  Immediately following that, we headed to the field to enjoy the messy olympics.  Campers and counselors rotated through various stations and games that get everyone covered from head to toe in chocolate sauce, flour, kool-aid, jelly, etc. So if you happen to find a disgusting piece of clothing in a camper’s suitcase, we are sorry! The smiles on their faces during it though was completely worth it I can promise you that.  After a thorough cleaning, we headed to the lodge for a camp talent show that had some unbelievable singing, dancing, comedy and unit skits.  It was so good, the idea of producing a variety TV show to showcase our camper’s talents to the world popped in some of the counselors heads. The night ended with some delicious s’mores.  Any day that ends with s’mores is a good day.

The final day on Saturday is always a fun day because camper’s families get to enjoy a little bit of camp too.  They arrived just in time for a song circle and HUGE potluck lunch.  (Thank you to everyone that brought some food.)  Following lunch, we watched our recap video and slideshow and recognized all of the graduating teen campers, senior counselors and coordinators. Then of course ended on a closing circle like every other day of camp.

As one of the graduating counselors and on behalf of the other graduating counselors, we want to thank everyone for all of the kind words and support from yesterday.  We all are honored to have met you and your children and wouldn’t think twice about putting in all of the hard work again if we had the opportunity for another week of camp.  We want to wish everyone the best and really, REALLY hope that we can all meet again someday. And don’t worry, CK is in great hands next year with the next generation of counselors just as it always is.