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Camp Kesem IU: Day 4-5

Camp Kesem IU is now in full gear as we have just completed the fourth and fifth day of this seven day bonanza/journey! At this point in the week, campers have made friends and rekindled old friendships, played on various lake toys, met jungle animals and have become full-fledged camp all-stars.  It is always a sight to see when the entire camp gets in to one giant circle and sings the Camp Kesem song.

On Wednesday, our campers saw the seven seas of the world as they got to spend time swimming and kayaking in the wide open sea.  Oh, wait. That was just the lake and not the open ocean? My mistake. After that, campers spent time tie-dying their Camp Kesem t-shirts, a popular tradition at Camp Kesem IU.  Campers can pick from an assortment of colors and styles in order to make their own individual t-shirt that will remind them of CKIU 2014 for years to come.  Even after all of that fun and excitement, Seven Seas day still had more to come.  During one of the hottest afternoons of the week, our CIT’s planned and organized an all-camp Water War activity.  This included a giant slip and slide, water balloon toss and a game of water gun tag.  Wednesday concluded with a visit from Tiki Tom and his friends who set up a bouncy house, surfing simulator and played a handful of beach-themed songs.  Camp enjoyed the beach-party atmosphere and it always fun for new special guests to make an appearance at CK.

Party in the USA was the theme of Thursday and patriotism was at an all-time high.  The pledge of allegiance, National Anthem and chants of “U.S.A.” could be heard at almost every moment of the day. The day was also a tad bit different as every unit was mixed up into four large groups with campers of all ages. We visited Alaska to make fuzzy animals, then headed to New York for an excellent fashion show and concluded in Texas for some line dancing.   Even after all of that traveling we still managed to have time for an amazing race around the campsite which resulted in team Red, White and Blue winning the opportunity to get a counselor extra messy at Messy Olympics on Friday.

Although the week is winding down, we always find new and exciting ways to have fun at CK and with Friday and Saturday’s events on the horizon, our campers, although a little tired, are bright-eyed and bushy tailed with the thoughts of messy Olympics dancing around in their dreams.

See everyone at the family lunch on Saturday!!