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Camp Kesem IU: Day 2-4

Day 2-4

Welcome to/Welcome back to CKIU’s official camp week blog.  The past three days have flown by and it is hard to believe that camp is already half over.  Fortunately, we have three more days that are jam-packed with fun and exciting activities.

Monday was our first full day at camp and the camper’s enjoyed time swimming, making crafts and going down the very scary BLACK HOLE SLIDE!  The two highlights of the rest of the day were the all camp activity and the special guest.  The all camp activity was a classic CKIU game, played every year, called Biff & Medic.  The “Biffs” use flour-filled pantyhose to try and tag campers that are running between different stations with their unit.  Once a unit has completed all of the tasks they are the winner.  This year, Teen Camp won with Orange Unit coming in a close second. Our special guest, Magic Baggett, was back for his second year and put on another great show full of magic, tricks and jokes.

On Tuesday, the rain clouds unfortunately decided to show up for much of the day, but never fear, CKIU can have fun anywhere!  Due to the rain, much of the day was spent inside in the great hall of the camp lodge.  Inside, dozens and dozens of friendship bracelets were created and given out and we even made a little movie theater with camper’s sleeping bags, a popcorn machine and “Wreck-It-Ralph” (a new favorite for this counselor).  The day ended after a visit from Jungle John who has visited CKIU for a number of years.  I’m guessing a number of parents have heard of Jungle John and new parents will probably hear his name when your camper returns home.

Wednesday was jam-packed with activities.  The morning was filled with swimming, canoeing, zip lining and t-shirt tie-dyeing.  Later, as the sun started to poke through the clouds, the Counselors in Training (CIT) led an all camp water activity that started with a slip n’ slide and ended with a water balloon and squirt gun war.  At night, there was a camp dance and a sorting hat ceremony for Thursday’s Harry Potter day.  Every camper and counselor was sorted into one of the four Harry Potter houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.  All of those activities in one day is very tiring, let me tell you.

The Teen Camp has also added some of their own activities on top of the ones already mentioned.  During the rain storm on Tuesday, they went on a mud walk and came back with a solid layer of mud on.  Many of the Teen Camp campers and counselors commented that the mud walk was the best thing they have ever done at camp.  The teens also went on a canoe trip of their own and camped out in tents on Wednesday night.

Camp has really been running smoothly and the campers are having a great time participating in all of the different activities, seeing old friends again and making new ones.  Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!