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Camp Kesem IU: Day 1 – It’s Finally Here!

Day 1

The best week of the year has finally arrived! Camp Kesem Indiana University is thrilled to welcome 120 campers this year – a record number for us! We are having a blast already at Camp Carson in Princeton, IN. The day started with some fun carnival games and getting our campers settled into the swanky brand new cabins. Seriously, they are fantastic.

Most of the day was spent in units getting to know each other, playing games, singing songs, coming up with unit cheers, and setting rules to make the week go smoothly.

After a delicious chicken & mashed potato dinner, we sang even more songs and played the first of many rounds of “Little Sally Walker.” Don’t be surprised if your camper comes home singing songs that will get stuck in your head for weeks – you really will find yourself humming things like “The Princess Pat” or “Get Loose” throughout the day if your camper starts singing it to you. It’s great to see so many faces, both old and new, counselors and campers alike, singing and dancing together.

After song time, we spent more time in our units getting to know each other and playing games before we moved to our opening ceremonies. Here, we had some fantastic counselor skits that went over the important rules of camp like always wearing close-toed shoes and making sure we always have our water bottles with us so we stay hydrated – shout-out to Cheerio for letting the Pink Unit counselors dump water all over him to make a point about not wasting water!

Overall, today was an amazing start to what is sure to be a magical week. I for one can’t wait to see what adventure and fun we have in store for us as the week goes on. Check back in later this week for more updates about CKIU 2014! Also make sure to check us out on Twitter (@CampKesemIU) and Instagram (@CampKesemIU) for more updates!

CK Love,