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Camp Kesem is Magic

Our last night of Camp Kesem UGA 2013 has come to a close. Today parents will file in one by one to pick up exhausted, enthusiastic, overwhelmed, and incredibly happy children. They’ll realize as they drive home how different the kids are in the backseat, compared to just five days ago. They’ll talk non-stop about the activities they did, the things they made, and the people they met. They’ll tell you they can’t wait until next year, until they can drive up that gravel road once more and be with their Camp Kesem family.

rockwall_cricket On our last day we didn’t rotate in units, but instead spent our last moments as one big group. We sang our favorite songs, played all our favorite games, and tried to forget that tomorrow this would come to an end. We jumped, blobbed and swam like there was no tomorrow. We climbed rock walls like fear didn’t exist. We acted like kids again, like cancer didn’t exist.

As the night dawned upon us the Queen’s Talent Ball showcased all our amazing campers. Act after act blew the crowd away with juggling, singing, rapping, cup stacking, and so much more. Confidence radiated from campers who barely spoke a word five days ago. They left the stage with standing ovations and a smile from ear to ear. Our mission was a success.beach_noodle_hamster_cheetah-1

Five days ago thirty-two kids joined our Camp Kesem family for the first time. Every year we hope to grow, providing a home away from home for kids that just need to be kids again. Camp Kesem is that magical place where worries float on air, where fear disappears with each passing cloud. It’s that place where cancer is defeated with each resilient child unwilling to break under the adversity they face. Camp Kesem is and will always be a home, a family, a little piece of magic in all of our lives.