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“Camp Kesem is, and always will be, the best thing I have ever been a part of.”

Today begins our counselor blog series about our amazing experiences at Camp Kesem UGA!

We hope each counselor’s story will help shed light on why this organization is such huge part of our hearts, and the impact it has on counselors and campers alike. This week, counselor and Camper Care Coordinator Chiquita shares her story! Hope you enjoy.

Chiquita is a senior majoring in Psychology and Spanish, and minoring in Human Development and Family Science.

 If I could dream up the most perfect week of my life, it would not even come close to the experience I had as a counselor this summer at Camp Kesem UGA! I will be the first to tell anyone that Camp Kesem is, and always will be, the best thing I have ever been a part of. Arriving at camp, counselors and kids were so nervous and anxious to see what the week at camp would bring. As the little girls in my cabin began to unpack their things and get settled in, it was hard to believe that the camp we had been working towards all year was finally here! It did not take long for bonds to be forged and for the girls to become much more than just my campers. In just one week, all of the campers and counselors became a special Kesem family. Our activities every day kept us so busy and having so much fun, especially jumping off of the blob in the lake and constantly singing camp songs! What really impacted me the most were our cabin chats each night. Being able to have serious, in-depth talks with the campers made me realize so quickly that these kids are so wise and mature beyond their years. Not only have our Kesem campers gone through so much at such young ages, but they have learned to cope with it in ways that I know I would not be able to handle. Cancer has taken pieces of these children’s childhoods, and it brought so much joy to me to be able to remind them all what it is like to just be kids again, forgetting about stress and remembering what it means to be care-free. Though everything we do is for our campers, I can say that Camp Kesem has affected me in ways that I never would have imagined before! I have learned so much from my experiences at camp, and I would not trade them for anything in the world. I love each and every counselor and camper as if they were my own family, and in our own special way, I know that they are. Camp Kesem will always be such a huge part of my heart, and I cannot wait to get back to Camp Kesem 2014 to spend the best week of the year with returning and new campers!