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Camp Kesem Experiences

The experiences from every position and every chapter are different and unique, this list does not even begin to explain all of the amazing things Camp Kesem leaders have done.  Take these different skills and experiences, add your own, and turn them into accomplishment statements that will blow anyone reading your resume out of the water.

  • Accounting

  • Adaptability

  • Advertising


  • Attention to detail

  • Budget making

  • Business communication

  • Communication skills, both written and verbal

  • Creating and maintaining yearly budget

  • Databases and spreadsheets

  • Website creation/editing

  • Effective listening

  • Event planning (also include on small budget)

  • Expense control

  • Grant writing

  • Human resource skills through recruitment and interviewing of executive board, counselors, and advisory board

  • Interviews

  • Large-scale fundraising

  • Leadership training of executive board and counselors

  • Marketing

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

  • Negotiation (camp site)

  • Organizational skills

  • Organizational skills through planning camp schedule

  • Problem solving


  • Project management

  • Public relations (marketing, public interviews, community contacts)

  • Soliciting in-kind donations

  • Supervision and management x amount of coordinators, committee members, and advisory board.

  • Time management

  • Training





Here is a list pulled from JobMob that lists accomplishments (some may be repeats from above) that you may not even realize could be on a resume

You successfully…

  • Managed company/department annual/quarterly budget of X (large) amount

  • Stayed under budget for X quarters/years

  • Were promoted

  • Were promoted after only X months in the role

  • Directed a team/group/organization (something difficult to manage)

  • Managed a project spanning X countries/continents/employees

  • Placed employees at X companies

  • Trained X new employees

  • Built a new team/division (not just hiring, also managing the workflow) for the company

  • Redesigned and implemented more effective company procedures which e.g. decreased time-to-market by X amount/%

  • Met deadlines consistently

  • Reined in rollercoaster project X

  • Supervised large/complex project in attaining goal X

  • Grew customer base by X amount/%

  • Grew donor base by X amount/%

  • Multiplied donations by X amount/%

  • Cut costs by X amount/% within Y amount of time

  • Launched X new websites/products/campaigns

  • Increased portfolio earnings by X amount/%


  • Integrated an extremely complex system for the company

  • United multiple teams post-merger

  • Finished sales quota X amount of time early

  • Reduced client/reader attrition by X amount/%

  • Met X national/global/industry standard within Y amount of time

  • Streamlined team/department operations

  • Improved ties with country/industry association/union

  • Boosted earnings by X amount/%

  • Implemented a service level agreement

  • Won X number of cases (for a lawyer)

  • Published X articles/white papers/reports/books

  • Received X award/designation

  • Won X award/competition for Y consecutive years

  • Attained X certification

  • Finished in the top X percentile of your class/course

  • Reached X objective(s) every quarter for Y quarters in a row

  • Reached X objective(s) faster than competitor (internal/external)

  • Discovered X new drugs/species/trends

  • Coined well-known buzzword or industry term

  • Created X program/course/methodology

  • Founded X company/non-profit/association/club

  • Solved X disputes (for a negotiator)

  • Resolved X internal conflicts

  • Hold world/Olympic record

  • Coached X teams to trophy/championship/1st place in league

  • Received score of X (high) on known customer satisfaction survey/poll

  • Received score of X (high) on standardized testing/exam

  • First person to achieve X (or led first team to achieve X) internally/externally

  • Something you created won an award/was a bestseller/fan favorite

  • Voted best/most something by association/club/group

  • Featured in website/magazine/newspaper/book

  • Held a perfect attendance record

  • Introduced company products to X new markets

  • Audited X number of clients in only Y amount of time

  • Piloted X program with a Y % participant completion rate

  • Advanced (non-profit) organization policy

  • Fixed X amount / % of bugs in company software/open-source project

  • Presented at well-known conference/seminar/workshop

  • Something that was viewed/used by many people

  • Achieved/Surpassed company/team goal of doing X by Y amount / %












Read more at: http://jobmob.co.il/blog/resume-achievement-writing-ideas-expressions/#ixzz2J0v60opU