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Camp Kesem at OSU Roadtrip 2014 Day 5!

Day five of Camp Kesem OSU began with a stop at the mess hall for breakfast. This morning’s meal consisted of cinnamon raisin biscuits, grits, yogurt, and toast with our campers’ morning beverage of choice – milk!

As soon as we finished up with breakfast, we spent the rest of our morning taking part in Big Activities and Free Select Activities. Today had Unit 1 taking their turn on the Big Swing while Unit 2 had the chance to hone their shooting abilities in the archery field. Unit 3 was out on the back field scaling the climbing wall, while Unit 4 finished up their last Big Activity with a nice post-breakfast horseback ride! After the Big Activities, the campers had their choice of a variety of Free Select Activities, including Fear Factor (Camp Kesem Style), Kickball, The Egg Drop Contest, and makeovers! Thanks to our girl counselors and campers, we were able to beautify a handful of our boy counselors before we made our way back to the mess hall for lunch.

Mealtime saw our boy counselors performing some improvised runway modeling before our meal of sloppy joes, potato wedges, and salad bar. After lunch, we took our regular feet on bed time before making our way down to the lake for a beautiful day of swimming! Our final day at the lake saw loads of funyaking, canoeing, fishing, blobbing, and gaga ball too! As soon as we finished up at the lake, the campers headed back to the cabins to change into their clothes for the evening’s main attraction – Messy Games!

This year’s Messy Games included a frozen t-shirt wearing contest, shaving cream and cheetoing three of our counselors, messy twister, and an ice cream slip ‘n’ slide! Based on the reaction of campers and counselors alike, the Messy Games were a total hit! Once we wrapped up on the lower field, the campers headed back to the cabins to cleanup for dinner and the night’s festivities.

With the final stop of our roadtrip being in Los Angeles, campers got to celebrate with some stylish sunglasses and felt ties during dinner! Dinner consisted of Italian sub melts with corn, fruit, and the tasty salad bar. When we finished up at dinner, we made our way straight to the outdoor theatre to watch a variety of skits, song and dance, and other talents displayed by the campers! Friends of Kesem and former counselors were invited to join, and the atmosphere around the theatre was nothing short of amazing!

As soon as all was wrapped up with the talent show, we all made our way down to the campfire to watch some more skits, sing camp songs, and let’s not forget the s’mores we made! Once we wrapped things up at the fire for the night, we headed back to the cabins for what the campers thought was the rest of the night. However, after 20 minutes we made the announcement that we would be heading back to Pit Stop for a dance party put on by the admin staff!

The dance party went on with glow sticks, balloons, fake mustaches, popsicles, and a nice mix of the campers’ favorite tunes! Once the music and festivities were over, he headed back to the cabin for the night. Another super productive day at Camp Willson down and one left to go. While it’s sad to see our week of fun quickly coming to an end, the memories we’ve made with one another will always be there as a reminder of the amazing times we had with our friends at Camp Kesem this week!