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Camp Kesem Arriving Day!

The day had finally come: CAMP KESEM 2013 – a time when everyone, including all counselors and campers are able to revert back to youth and childhood! Super. Exciting. After months of grueling preparation, counselor and camper selection, campsite hunting, and fundraising, we were finally going to be able to see our campers for registration. With a beat in my step, I looked around to observe the atmosphere. Parents were scrambling out of their cars, trying to catch up with the campers, and you could see the campers’ energy explode throughout the parking lot. The crew of counselors in their light gray camp t-shirts had anxious and nervous expressions, but their enthusiasm shined in their smiles and cheers as they greeted the campers.
It’s been about two years since I’ve seen the Camp Kesem kiddos and because of that gap, I almost couldn’t recognize a lot of the faces. How much they had gotten taller and bigger and more mature! For instance, some of the kids that I were in charge of two years ago, ages 10-12, were finally heading off to teen camp – to overnight camping, Kesem dance parties, and “teenager” activities. There were also lots of new faces, returning faces, concerned, relieved, and especially, eager faces. I was not only soaking in the damp drizzle and rain that has been plaguing Atlanta recently, but also bathing in the frenzy of registration day and the anticipation of games, s’mores, and my favorite: camp songs.
All the previous months and long hours of preparation, anxiety, worry? Gone. Everything bad disappears and only good replaces it when you know that these kids are going to have the time of their lives at Camp. I know I will! J