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Camp Kesem 2013: Day 4 & 5

What a busy last few days we have had! All of the pictures we can provide to you on our Facebook page after camp will be sure to entertain you all!


Where to begin with this day! Activities included all things messy: paint, food products, dyes, and so much more! Our first rotations of the day included tye-dying our Camp Kesem shirts, water-noodle jousting with various paint colors, paint twister, and drip-drip-drop.

Not only do our campers like to cover themselves in paint, but they also like to see how messy they can get the counselors. One of our all-camp activities was the campers got to pick the counselors that they wanted to mummify and sundae up. Some of our campers end up getting much messier than the counselors during the activities, but we made sure to hose down the kids before our night’s activities.

Tonight, the Northstar staff planned a special dinner for us where we prepared our own dinners over a campfire. This was a new experience for both our counselors and campers, and another great example of how the Northstar staff has done their best to give us a great experience during our stay at their site. Our night concluded with one of the most fun and counselor activities we do at Camp Kesem….the Talent Show! It is amazing to see how brave and talented all of our campers are with their skills on the keyboard, vocal solos, musical acts, magic tricks, work-out moves, and much more. You BUTTER believe we also had some awesome acts from the MCs in between.

Tomorrow is our last day of camp, and we plan on packing the day full of high-energy games, just to make sure all of campers sleep well on their last night of camp before we bring them home to you all.


After starting our fifth and final full day of camp with an all-camp performance of the Star Spangled Banner, “Party in the USA”-day was full of all-American games, adventures and more!

The day’s activities included canoeing, an intense game of “Medic”, the creation of even more friendship bracelets, multiple all-camp games of capture the flag and a rock/obstacle-climbing wall (by far the favorite activity!). Our night concluded with one last campfire with the famous paper plate awards, s’mores, and fireworks. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our last night with the kids.

As sad as we are to see all of our campers go tomorrow, it puts a huge smile on the counselors’ faces to hear them all say they wish camp wasn’t ending. We love getting to remind them that they can stay in touch with their CK friends throughout the year, especially during the reunions that we plan. We have heard from nearly all of our campers that they are definitely coming back next summer, so we hope to see them all next year with the new campers that we welcome into the CK family.

Don’t forget about the CK potluck BBQ tomorrow night, and we look forward to seeing all of our CK families again. We have many parents to thank for letting us spending a week with their awesome and well-behaved (most of the time) children. Interacting with the families and seeing the parents instantly react to how their kid has changed in just one week is truly my favorite part of Camp Kesem, and my camp pictures remind me everyday why I CK.

CK Love,