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Camp Kesem 2013: Day 3

Today was yet another day filled with magic for all our campers, counselors, and staff members. Mad Scientist Day started off with science experiments presented by counselor Shazaam!’s twin Evil Shazaam! The early hours of the day were already very warm, so we knew it was going to be a scorcher! Everyone cooled off at the water games station with slip n’ slide, water balloon toss, and much more. The craft for the day involved making giant bubbles and a type of silly putty called oolack. The most adventurous rotation of the day that all campers got to participate in was archery.

At Camp Kesem, we like to concentrate on allowing our campers to really enjoy all the fun activities we have planned for them that they may not get to do at home. In addition to this schedule, we also schedule a special time during the week where we open up the floor for campers and counselors to talk about their experience with and feelings about cancer, also known as the Empowerment Ceremony. Tonight, we held our Empowerment Ceremony, and I personally could not have been happier with the outcome. Having already experienced Camp Kesem Minnesota, I know exactly what to expect after we have this ceremony: our campers truly open up and a natural, magical connection is established and maintained throughout the rest of the week at camp. Being able to see all of these amazing kids open up about such a difficult, confusing topic is truly mind-blowing. Camper after camper wanted to share their feelings about cancer with the rest of the group – many who have been somewhat shy up until this very night. This night is my favorite night at camp, because it is what makes Camp Kesem unique and stand alone from any other camp. The best part about my role at camp is that while I am working behind the scenes to make sure every detail of each activity runs smoothly, I also get to see not only the campers transform and open up, but I get to see this talented group of counselors grow in their leadership skills and as an individual. I am so proud to say I helped make this happen for every camper, counselor, parent, brother, and sister involved. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for my little heroes!

Much CK Love,


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