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This weeks Counselor Spotlight is on Sunshine!!!!!

We love Sunshine so much and know that everyone else does too! Go ahead and read all about our 2013 Camper Care Coordinator.

What is your major?
I am double majoring in Family and Human Services and Spanish.

What year are you at University of Oregon

I am a Junior and loving every minute of it!

Why are you a member of Camp Kesem?

I am a member of Camp Kesem because I believe in the power of sharing
your story.After losing my mom in fifth grade, I did not have a lot of
friends who had walked a similar path. Being able to share who I am and
the challenges in my life have allowed me to connect with others about
similar experiences. Sharing your story is such a profound gift that you
can give, and it can really make a difference in someone’s life.

What is your favorite memory from Camp Kesem 2012?

My favorite moment of Camp Kesem 2012 was on Thursday night during the
empowerment ceremony. It was awesome to see how close some of the
campers became and how many friendships were created. It was a great
circle of trust that so many felt compelled to share their story and it
really bonded everyone involved. I can’t wait for camp this summer!!


Thank you Sunshine!!! We appreciate all you do for Camp Kesem and we cannot wait to see you back at YMCA Camp Collins, August 26th for our first day of camp!